Waze Business Listing – 4 ways to List & Add your Business on Waze

Why Waze Business Listing is Important for your Business: The internet is filled with opportunities for businesses and brand owners. Amongst these opportunities is the ability to reach more prospective customers, maximize sales and make a profit. To achieve this, there are lots of brands and startups whose services can help businesses and brand owners achieve this.


The above category is what is known as Business Listing. According to Softfront, Business Listing simply means listing your Business Information and Contact Details online. The essence is so that your business will be discoverable in local searches to intending customers.

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In this article, we shall be showing you the power of Waze Business Listing and its importance to Business and Brand Owners. This article will help both potential and recurring customers find you easily on the web by simply adding your business to Waze. You will learn the 4 ways to List & Add your Business on Waze Map for Local SEO Optimization and reach more customers.

Brief Overview of Waze

Waze offers a free navigation app for Android and iPhone devices. With 140 million Waze users, Waze can provide community-based traffic details for users. The purpose is to help avoid traffic congestion by giving users forehand information to take the best route to their destination.

Interestingly, Google Map is the parent Company of Waze, yet Waze is the top competitor of Google Map. This is because  Waze is the second most widely used navigation service in the world while Google Maps ranks first. However, a lot of users are better off using Waze than Google Maps because of its unique and super user-friendly interface.

Also, users prefer Waze because of its community-based approach and engagement level. Lastly, while on transit, Waze shows users various highly recommended establishments around the local area. This may include restaurants and accommodation, fun parks and relaxation centers, etc.

What Is a Waze Business Listing?

Before delving into what Waze Business Listing is all about, remember the few key things we noted in the previous section. These are that Waze is second to Google and has over 140 million active distinct users. Also, we noted that Waze shows highly recommended establishments to their large pool of loyal users. Hey dear. That’s the boom and opportunity.

The first question is, which establishments get recommended and how to Waze sources information of establishments and businesses they recommend?

How to List or Add your Business to Waze

In this article, we shall be teaching you How to List or Add your Business to Waze. Without much ado, we shall go forth to show you the 4 (Four) most recommended ways you can get your businesses and brands listed on Waze Business Listing.

Below are the ways:

  1. Listing your Business Directly on Waze.
  2. Listing your Business using the Waze Map Editor.
  3. By Advertising your Business on Waze
  4. By signing up for one of the iMapping plans

OPTION ONE: Listing your Business Directly on Waze

  • Step One: Download the Waze app on your device. Click on the appropriate link to download android or iOS, depending on your device.
  • Step Two: After downloading, open the Waze app. Locate and click on the orange ‘REPORTS’ icon located at the bottom left corner of your screen.
    • Waze Business Listing
  • Step Three: Thereafter, click on the icon labeled ‘Place’ in the menu that will appear afterward.
  • Step Four: In this step, you will be required to Take a Picture of Your Store and upload it. So kindly tap on the ‘Place’ icon. This will immediately open your camera for you to take a picture of your storefront. Once the picture is taken, kindly click on the shutter icon to proceed to the next step.
  • Step Five: At this stage, kindly enter the name of your business and proceed. You can indicate if it’s a residential place or not.
  • Step Six: This is the final stage where you will provide some details concerning your Business. The details to be provided include City, Address number, Exact location of your business on the map, etc. Lastly, you will be required to select from the list of options provided, the nature of your business. This will help Waze label your business accordingly.

OPTION TWO: Listing your Business using the Waze Map Editor

According to Google, Listing your Business Directly on Waze is okay but listing your business through the Waze Map Editor (WME) gives business owners more control over the information submitted.

To learn more on How to list your Business using the Waze Map Editor, kindly use the Waze Community Forum to learn more.

OPTION THREE: By Advertising your Business on Waze

If you are a business owner, one of the ways to list your business and optimize your brand on Waze is to Advertise with Waze.

Waze Ads and Business Listing

Currently, over 25K+ businesses globally trust and use Waze Ads to reach nearby customers. This is because of the following reasons:

  1. You will be able to Reach 140M+ monthly active users within your locality.
  2. Ability to track the performance of your Ads in real-time.
  3. You only get to pay for ads that were shown to your potential and recurring customers.

Waze Ads and Business Listing

While you are setting up your Waze Ads, you will be required to Tell Waze about your business. This entails entering all your required business information. By so doing, you have listed your business on Waze because your business Location and details will be stored immediately.

Click on this Link to GET STARTED with Waze Ads

OPTION FOUR: By signing up for one of the iMapping plans

iMapping is one of the most powerful business listing and management providers out there. It offers Plans that list your business information on the major navigation maps like Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, Here, & Bing + Car Play. It also helps your business get listed and optimized for voice search platforms like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Bixby. The goal is to help business owners increase their online visibility to potential customers. Thus, attracting them to their business locations.

How Does iMapping Work?

  1. Visit the iMapping Plan Page and Select any of your preferred plans
  2. Follow the Account Set up guides and provide your business information are required.
  3. Thereafter, iMapping lists and optimizes your business information on the major map and voice search platforms
  4. Lastly, your business becomes visible to consumers.

We highly recommend using the iMapping service to list and optimize your business on Waze. This is because of the convenience and effectiveness iMapping offers. Also listing your business on all major map apps can be difficult or may require technical skills to achieve a better result. This is where iMapping professional skill and service becomes a must for business owners. Besides, when you sign up, you get listed in all major navigation maps and voice search platforms.

Conclusion on Waze Business Listing

A Waze business listing is a ground-breaking LOCAL SEO OPTIMIZATION for business and brand owners. Considering the number of active users and reputations that Waze has maintained over the year, listing your business on Waze is an Advantage.

In this article, we undertook to teach you how to get your business listed on Waze. We gave you a brief overview of Waze as well as why you should list your business on Waze. We believe this article has provided you with all the knowledge required to list your business on Waze.

However, in case you have further questions or contributions to make, kindly use the comment section below and let us know.

Thank you for your time. Lastly, if this article has been of any help to you kindly share it with your fellow business owner to get their businesses listed on Waze.


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