How to get your Business listed on Alexa Voice Search

In recent times, Local voice search has become a growing alternative to typing and manually searching for goods. This is a feature every local business should take advantage of. Firstly, a business owner must learn how to get their business listed on Alexa voice search. Hence, this article is about how to get your business listed on Alexa voice search. To achieve this, we shall discuss what Amazon Alexa voice search listing is, and how to optimize for the best result.


More so, you may be wondering why the Voice Search Market is fast-growing? Perhaps the best answer is that voice search is faster and more convenient than typing. All you need to do is to speak to your device rather than type. Thus, if this article looks like what you are looking for, kindly follow this article to the end.

What is Alexa Voice Search Listing

Alexa is one of Amazon’s cloud-based voice services which is available on millions of devices. These devices include both Amazon devices and third-party device manufacturers.

Furthermore, the Alexa Voice Search offers a convenient way for customers to find the information they are looking for by simply using voice. With Alexa Voice Search Service, users can conveniently talk to devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Siri and immediately get the information they want without typing.

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Why Use Alexa Voice Search Listing Services?

The goal of business owners is to reach more customers and maximize profit. Local businesses can take advantage of the fast-growing Voice Search Industry and optimize their business and websites to be optimized and ready for Voice Search Listing. The essence is that whenever potential customers in your areas make use of their voice-enabled devices to search for information related to your business, your business information populates the search results.

Business owners will not afford to lose potential Customers using their voice-enabled devices, like Google Assistant, Cortana, or Siri because their businesses are not optimized for Voice Search Listing. You should start optimizing your business for voice searches today.

Lastly, you should use Alexa Voice Search Listing, because according to the Local Market Institute, Alexa is dominating the voice search market by 70% market share.

How to Get your Business listed on Alexa Voice Search

They are two ways to get your business listed on Alexa Voice Search. The ways are listed below:

  1. Yext Business Listing.
  2. Alexa Business Listing

Yext Business Listing.

Yext is a modern AI-powered brand management Platform that offers a better way to search for product lists on the internet. Furthermore, Yext became even more powerful with her expanded Collaboration with Yelp to Better Support Business. Yelp tops the list of places consumers rush to check business reviews before making a purchasing decision.

At present, Alexa relies on Yext to get local business data, photos, and reviews from two primary sources. This is possible with the Yext and Yelp collaboration.  As of mid-2018, Yext had already begun submitting business listings to Alexa directly.

So, if you are already a subscribed customer of  Yext, your business information is already with Alexa Business Voice Search Listing.  There is nothing more you need to do. However, if you are not a customer of Yext, the next option is for you.

Lastly, it will also interest you to know that Yext is a Google Business Profile Partner. Google Business tool gets brands and business Profiles on Yext and optimizes the data for Google Search, Google Maps, host of other services. This is a big plus why you should use Yext.

Alexa Business Listing

You are aware that Voice-activated virtual assistants are becoming dominant more devices now than ever. This is a market opportunity Identified by Alexa. In this phase, we shall be showing you how to get your business listed on Alexa Voice Search Result. The steps are easy and free.

Step One:

  1. Visit the official Alexa Business Listing page @
  2. At the center of the Homepage, click on the Get Started Button with the caption “Claim Your Free AlexaBusiness Listing” as shown in the image below.
  3. You will be redirected to another page immediately

How to get your business listed on Alexa voice search

Step Two

  1. On the Page, you will be required to provide your Business Service Details. The details include the following:
    • Business Industry. That is, what kind of service you offer. Kindly select from the drop-down menu.
    • Company/Business Name
    • Website URL
    • Business Contact Address
    • Brief Business Description
    • Lastly, Upload a Cover Photo of your Business.
  2. Aft entering the Details above, kindly click on the Next Button to continue to the stage. Kindly see the image below for more guidance.

Alexa Business Listing Page

How to Optimize your Business listed on Alexa Voice Search

In the above heading, we showed you how to get your business listed on Alexa voice search. In the stage of this article, we shall discuss how to optimize your business for the best possible result on Alexa Voice Search.

Listing your business on Alexa Business Listing is a free service. However, optimizing for the best result isn’t free. You will have to be a monthly or lifetime subscriber to use the Optimization feature. The optimization allows business owners to integrate their business into all the major voice platforms like Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, Bixby, and Amazon. This makes sure, your is listed and optimized for all voice assistant platforms.

Furthermore, to learn how to optimize your business on Alexa Voice Search, kindly follow the guides below:

  1. Quickly contact Alexa Business Listing Team to assist you with this process for you.
  2. The Alexa Business Listing Team will only require the following details:
    • Business location,
    • Phone number,
    • Business hours,
    • Services and products you offer on the directories accessed by the Voice Assistants.
    • Finally, the expert Team thereafter makes your products optimized so that it is being found on all the integrated platforms.

Alexa Voice Search Optimization Pricing Details:

  1.  Monthly Subscription is billed at $24.99 PER MONTH
  2. Yearly Subscription is billed $239.99 LIFETIME
  3. See the image below for more guidance.

Alexa Voice Search Optimization Pricing page

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Conclusion How to get your Business listed on Alexa Voice Search

We began this article with a promise to teach you the following:

  • What Alexa Voice Search Listing is all about.
  • How to Get your Business listed on Alexa Voice Search
  • How to Optimize your Business listed on Alexa Voice Search

At the end of this article, we are convinced that will have delivered on all our promises. However, if there are questions you need to ask or contributions you need to make, do not hesitate to use the comment section to let us know.

Thanks for reading this article. Lastly please like and share it all who may need this article to help them list their businesses on Alexa voice searches.


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