Patient Care Assistant Jobs Abroad With Visa Sponsorship

Patient care assistant jobs abroad with visa sponsorship are available across different countries around the world for individuals who have the qualifications.


Despite not being the major characters in health care centres, the patient care assistants play major roles too in the recovery process of the patients and their treatment.

Therefore, across many countries of the world, there have been recorded about 300+ vacancies for the post of patient care assistant that require urgent filling.

So, if you are confident that you meet the requirements after carefully reading through them then you must apply with such urgency too to secure the vacancy.

Also, In case you do not go successfully with your application with one healthcare centre, you can try as much as you can hence many of them require the services of a patient care assistant.

That said, this article is here to serve as a guide to applying for a patient care assistant role abroad. You can read through to see the requirements to apply for this position, how to apply and other helpful information about this position.

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Who is a Patient Care Assistant?

Since the COVID-19 era, many hospitals across the world have recorded maximum lag in patient care positions and this resulted in different vacancies arising and actively employing qualified candidates.

Just like you may already know, the healthcare field is a very important field that must have as many workers as needed to ensure that the health of the people is not put in jeopardy.

So, if you find yourself wanting to apply for the post of patient care assistant you must first know what the role is about and who the people in the field are.

That said, a patient care assistant is a healthcare practitioner whose major role is to assist nurses and doctors in taking proper care of the patients and ensuring that their needs are met as much as possible.

These set of individuals play very important roles in the recovery process of the patients as their job lingers even to the emotions and mental of the patients.

Are There Patient Care Jobs Abroad in 2024?

Emphatically, since the COVID-19 era, the health care centres and hospitals across the world especially in the countries that were greatly affected by the disease, are demanding as many healthcare workers as they can get.

You only need to meet the requirements and know the right steps to take in applying for these jobs to be successful with them.

So, In case you are wondering if there are openings for the post of patient care assistant across many countries of the world, you are by this section of the article expected to understand that there are more opportunities than you can imagine.

However, before you go ahead to celebrate the simple knowledge that there are opportunities for patient care assistants abroad, you must first know that even though the position of a patient care assistant is not as much as that of doctors and nurses, these practitioners are saddled with much more responsibilities than you can imagine…

Responsibilities of Patient Care Assistants

Bearing in mind the fact that patient assistant roles are not as easy as one may think, the duties of these people are very important and related to the need for patients to survive and live.

So, below is an outline of the responsibilities that patient care assistants face while in their job;

  • Making sure that the needs of the patients are met at all times
  • Ensure that patients are okay by actively interacting with them and keeping them company
  • Asking relevant questions to ascertain the needs of the patients to know where and how to help them
  • Keeping records of patient’s treatment and progress
  • Reporting to the doctors or nurses in charge of the patients in case of any abnormal reaction

Required Qualifications to Apply for Patient Care Assistant Jobs Abroad With Visa Sponsorship

Before you can think of applying for this position, you must meet the following requirements;

  • Fluent communication skills
  • degree in relevant course to the position
  • Must be kind at heart and have basic knowledge of psychology
  • Creatively constructed CV and resume

Notably, the above requirements are just common among individuals no matter where they are coming from, enquire about your country’s requirements as they vary.

How to Apply for Patient Care Assistant Jobs Abroad With Visa Sponsorship

Patient Care Jobs Abroad With Visa Sponsorship are very many and as the title says, the major benefit of this job is that employers are ready to cover the visa expenses of candidates who meet the requirements.

Besides that, there are so many more benefits to this job ranging from the opportunity for workers to travel and meet new people as well as experience new things to the amount of money they would make.

The average salary estimate of a patient care assistant abroad is about $24,567 depending on the qualifications and experience of the individual.

So, to easily find these jobs you should consider signing up on job-hunting platforms like Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, etc.

Follow the steps below to apply for patient care assistant jobs abroad with visa sponsorship;

  • Register on Glassdoor
  • Search for patient care jobs
  • Upload your CV/resume making sure they are up to date
  • Submit your application
  • You can ask to receive notification of new opportunities by providing your email.


You should know by now what patient care assistants do and who they are. In case you meet the requirements both the ones specific to your country and generally, proceed to apply for these jobs


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