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Is Hookupit a Legit Dating Site? | In recent times, meeting acquaintances and finding love has been done through various means aside from the usual way. The internet has provided a lot of opportunities and avenues to find love and build long-lasting friendships. Either through social media or online dating platforms, quite a number of persons have met the love of their lives through these technology-enabled platforms. However, the concern of this article is on the Hookupit Dating platform.


While surfing the internet yesterday, we discovered this question “Is hookupit a legit dating site?” on Google Question Hub. For the benefit of doubt, Google Question Hub is a pool where google collects and stored unanswered web questions. This is where prudent publishes like us, get relevant questions to write about.

Sadly, the question has remained unanswered to the time of writing this article. It is on the above note that we’ve decided to write this article addressing the question: Is hookupit a legit dating site?

What is the Purpose/Focus of this Article?

In this article, we shall offer a holistic and honest review of the Hookupit Dating Site. At the end of this article, you will be to answer the question, Is hookupit a legit dating site?

We shall also offer a brief overview of the Hookupit dating site to give you a background of what this article is up to. perhaps you will be better informed.

However, we admit that there are some setbacks to this fully accomplishing the purpose of this article. The setback is that there is little or no user-based review yet. This is because the Hookupit dating site is relatively new and there aren’t many user reviews in circulation.

Lastly, if you are wondering if Hookupit is a legit dating site, you should read this article before signing up for an account. We are certain that after this article, we can make better decisions knowing full well, the pro and coin of

Brief Overview of Hookupit

Hookupit is a newly launched online dating platform. It was launched in 2020 by it’s operator Knowledge Gate Ltd, located in Hong Kong. The Platform is designed for persons of different sexuality. Be it straight, gay, and lesbian, you are always welcome to open an account.  The website has quite a catchy user-friendly interface. From its launch date to the time of writing this article, hookupit has not reached five-star reviews both on the Apple Store and on Google Play.

Is Hookupit a Legit Dating site?

However, we must admit that the platform has had quite a several account sign up. Hookupit also runs an affiliate program on their platform. This is basically to help users earn extra cash when they refer persons to the platform. Importantly, Hookupit is a paid online dating platform. reviews – What do Popular Review Sites think about Hookupit?

Because there isn’t many user-based reviews on this dating platform, we shall have recourse to some popular review site. The goal is to keep you informed. To do this, we shall discuss the review offered by After this, we shall go ahead to look at some user-based reviews.

Review from

Dontspot24 agreed with our earlier findings that there is little or no helpful information concerning prices, functionalities, and what have you.

However, to carry out a clean and honest review, Dontspot24 registered and opened an account just to get information to write about. Lolz, you probably be wondering, did open an account too? Naaaah, we didn’t. Indeed we don’t have to.

So what was Dontspot24 finding? Reviews & Advice

We shall carefully list finding and review gotten by Dontspot24 and made them available to the public here. Let’s get down to business.

  1. Datingspot24 noted that they have had earlier dealings with the brain behind Hookupit (which is Knowledge Gate Ltd). In their earlier dealings, Knowledge Gate Ltd had scam-associated issues. On that note, believes and recommends that will be flooded with potential scam threats.
  2.  Datingspot24 also maintains that they uncovered lots of fake chat scams using testing and using the site to get a review.
  3. supports a Live Model Profile. This means that third parties can create fictitious profiles for commercial purposes. This heartily admitted by in their terms and condition page.
  4. Lastly, all subscriptions automatically renewed upon expiration. This is considered wrong by Datingspot24.
What Ask Peters Thinks about the above Review

Although we strive to offer sincere reviews, we shall also point out clearly wherever se bias in any report. The final recommendation of Datingspot24 is that the public should stay away from Their entire evidence for this recommendation is based on the fact that they have had negative dealings with the Operators of I will reproduce part of their reviews and recommendations below.

“Our experience with this company has been negative previously and is the reason we believe there is a high risk of a subscription scam.”

From the above, you can agree with me that the review of by Datingspot24 is purely motivated by the previous dealing with Knowledge Gate Ltd.

Finally, although I don’t agree with the review of Datingspot24 on below are my inputs:

  1.  Yes, runs a Live Model Profile. Although this is good for their business, it may not go well with users.
  2. Truly, subscriptions on are automatically renewed. While this is good for their business also, users should be allowed to renew or not.
  3. Lastly, the website is relatively new and do not have lots of profile yet.

Is Hookupit a Legit Dating Site? – What do Users think about Hookupit?

In this phase of this article, we shall only reproduce 3 reviews from actual users and give the source. This will help you also make your decision about this dating site called Hookupit. Let us get started.

  • Review by George O. – 15th day of June 2021.  My experience: Super Easy

It is so easy to use Hookupit, you just need to answer a couple of questions and upload a picture. It is such a huge opportunity compared with other dating websites, as you do not need to waste time answering stupid questions. This advantage is also the only disadvantage, that this website has. Registration is so easy that you even do not need to upload your identity and verify yourself, therefore you could run into some fake profiles but that is not a big deal.

We highly recommend you visit TrustedReviews for an independent user-based review. That’s where you will get a review from actual and current users of

  • Review by Brian M. – 9th day of August 2021 | My experience: Don’t use this site!

“Avoid this site! It is awful. The chat system is absolute crap. EVERY woman who gets in touch with you is FAKE. And the Delete Account feature doesn’t work so you can never LEAVE. You just keep getting emails from FAKE accounts over and over again with no way to stop them other than to delete your email. It’s the WORST dating site ever.”

  • Review by Theo – 10th day of June 2My experience: For hookups only

“Best for single guys desperate for a hookup.”

The above 3 (three) reviews were gotten from

Conclusion on the Question “Is Hookupit a Legit Dating site?”

Below are the things you should note as we conclude this article:

  1. Hookupit does not verify the Identity of intending users before you register on their platform. This is a security flag and you should be mindful of this.
  2. The platform is still young and don’t have many registered profile yet. This means you may not be getting too many date matches.
  3. Sadly, the Hookupit dating platform does not report spam profiles. We think you should know this.
  4. Finally, the platform does not accept anonymous payments from intending users. So if you are looking to pay anonymously, just forget about it.

Final Thoughts: We began this article wanting the answer this question “Is Hookupit a Legit Dating site?” We promised to give a review from users and well-known review websites.

We believe we have done and you can now decide whether to join the dating site or not. Thanks for your time. Let us know via the comment section below about what you feel concerning this article.

Thank you.


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