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A New Orleans mesothelioma lawyer is a legal practitioner that specializes in handling cases and lawsuits related to mesothelioma. Chiefly, these lawsuits are to get compensation for asbestos exposure and health insurance coverage?


Are you in New Orleans and in search of a mesothelioma lawyer? If yes, then this article will guide you on how to contact a New Orleans lawyer.

About Mesothelioma

To begin with, mesothelioma is a chronic cancer that affects the tissue lining the internal organs. Particularly, it mostly affects the lining of the chest wall and lungs. It is very deadly and causes much pain to sufferers. As a result, good healthcare is very important to people with mesothelioma. Evidently, the most common cause of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos –  at 80% of all cases.

Asbestos is a material used in construction of houses and manufacturing various products. When its hazardous nature became common knowledge, most countries banned it’s use. However, many homes in the developed world built before the ban are made of asbestos. In that case, people who live in these houses are open to the risk of mesothelioma.

In addition, workers who worked in construction were exposed to asbestos along with those in other industries that used the material. That put them at great risk of developing the dangerous disease which requires a lot of resources to fight.

In the light of this, many victims have turned to the courts to seek for remuneration and compensation from the parties that were responsible for exposing them. To that end, many lawyers offer their services to help clients get the best possible outcome. There are several of these lawyers in the US but for the purpose of this article, we will discuss those in New Orleans.

Common Symptoms of Mesothelioma

  • Persistent, dry cough
  • Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing
  • Difficulty sleeping, fever and night sweats
  • Persistent chest and abdominal pain
  • Progressive appetite and weight loss
  • Pleural effusions (fluid in the chest cavity)

If you notice these symptoms above, it is important you seek medical help immediately. This is because a quick diagnosis can be of much help to a patient. If the doctor diagnoses you with mesothelioma, you can reach out to the lawyers we mention for help.

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New Orleans Mesothelioma Lawyer

Of course, New Orleans is a prospering city and as such has many lawyers with much experience and knowledge of dealing with mesothelioma cases. To list, they are:

Irpino, Avin & Hawkins law firm

Now, the Irpino, Avin & Hawkins law firm does not charge clients fees rather they charge on a contingency basis. That is to say, the law firm requests payments only if you are successful in winning the case or agree to a settlement.

Landry & Swarr in Louisiana

Landy and Swarr is another law firm to find mesothelioma lawyers. These lawyers are based in New Orleans but are available to help inhabitants of all Louisiana.

Its legal team pays great attention to their client’s needs and assist their families in securing their rights and compensation to ease the burden of mesothelioma. Their twenty years of experience in mesothelioma cases mean they will deliver high quality work.

Ketterman Rowland & Westlund

Now, this firm is a Los Angeles firm. Further, it offers lawyers that can assist people with mesothelioma cases in New Orleans, Los Angeles. All you need do is visit their page to learn more.

It must be remembered that it isn’t simply enough that you find a lawyer, you should look for one that you are confident will have a great chance at winning you your compensation.
The lawyers that we listed are some of the best and will help you achieve this goal.
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