List of Fully Funded Scholarships in the USA | Available for International Students

A list of fully funded scholarships in the USA includes those for undergraduates, graduates, and Ph.D. students. Application for these scholarships takes place online on the schools’ portals.


Are you interested in studying abroad on fully funded scholarships, this article will serve as a guide through applying for different available scholarships to abroad sponsored by popular schools and organizations in the USA.

These scholarships can serve as an opportunity for international students from across the world to go to new places and enjoy many other benefits attached to them.

This article bears all the information you need about available scholarships for international students abroad and the USA in particular, read to the end to see a list of them and apply for anyone you want. You will also see the requirements to apply for these scholarships.

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What is a Fully Funded Scholarship?

A scholarship opportunity is said to be fully funded when all the financial expenses are covered by the university or organization that is sponsoring it. This type of scholarship opportunity is available in different countries but this article focuses on the available opportunities in the USA.

Most scholarship opportunities that fall under this category come with many other benefits that may not have to do with finances.

Getting a scholarship with such benefits as full funding is not easy to come by therefore, if you get one of such, you must do everything possible to hold onto it.

Interestingly, most scholarship on full funding usually extends to the end of the program while some others may last for the first period when the students resume their studies.

On that note, you must read further through this article to be able to apply for the fully funded scholarships in the USA as there is a list of them.

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Details of the List Fully Funded Scholarships in the USA

Sponsoring University: Different popular universities in the USA

Type of programme: Undergraduate, graduate, and ph.d programmes randomly

Scholarship type: fully funded scholarships

Targeted students: international students

Period of studies: for as long as each program lasts

List of Fully Funded Scholarships in the USA

There are more than 2 to 3 scholarships that go on yearly in the USA which serves as a great opportunity for international students to experience a whole different world and more.

These scholarships are for different categories of people both graduates, undergraduates, and ph.d students. Therefore, before applying for any of them, make sure to read through the requirements for each of them to be sure that you meet them and that it is for the category you fall in.

Below are the ongoing scholarships in the USA for international students to apply for;

  • Fulbright scholarships
  • Memphis university scholarships
  • Generation google scholarship
  • Yale university scholarship
  • HarvaUniversityity scholarship for international students
  • TMicMichiganiversityity scholarship
  • University of Boston scholarship
  • StandfoUniversityity undergraduate scholarship
  • University of Arizona scholarship


Benefits of Meriting a Fully Funded Scholarship in the USA

Meriting a scholarship in the USA comes with different amazing benefits aside from the full funding so candidates must be ready to enjoy all the benefits they go on with their programs.

Full funding of scholarships cuts across every expense for the students as long as they remain in the program while some of the same benefits cover only the financial expenses of the students like the tuition and flight tickets to the university.

Meanwhile, the list of fully funded scholarships in the USA covers many things as long as the students are on the programme as well as other benefits that they will enjoy.

Below is an outline of the possible benefits that students will enjoy through the fully funded scholarships in the USA;

  • Students’ tuition fees will be covered
  • The cost of living in the USA for the whole period the programs take will be the responsibility of the universities
  • The university will cover the flight tickets of the students to and fro after their studies
  • Students will get the opportunity to meet new people and visit new places while studying abroad
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Provision textbook soaks
  • Stipends for as long as students stay on the program

Many other benefits come with these scholarships.

Requirements to Apply for Scholarship in the USA

To apply for any of these scholarships, you must read through the requirements for each of them first before you proceed.

Notably, the first requirement for each of these scholarships starts from the basic tertiary education certificate depending on the program type.

If you are applying for an undergraduate program scholarship, the minimum requirement is an O’level then a 100level or 200level statement of result depending on what the university wants.

On the other hand, if you want to apply for a graduate scholarship program, you must have a tertiary education certificate like a, or HND, This goes on to the Ph. program where you must have the as well as master certificates.

Having these certificates handy goes a long way.

How to Apply for the List of Fully Funded Scholarships in the USA

It is easy to apply for any among the lists of fully funded scholarships in the USA and every process starts and ends online on the universities’ websites.

Follow the steps for each university scholarship scheme as outlined below to apply;

  1. Boston University scholarship: This opportunity is available for international students for master’s, ph.d, bachelor and degree programs. See eligibility and Apply now
  2. Michigan University scholarship: program types on this scholarship scheme include bachelor’s, master’s, ph.d and degree programs.  Apply now for this scholarship
  3. Fulbright scholarship: this is a yearly program sponsored by the US government for international students that supports master’s programs, ph.d, and degree programs. Apply here
  4. Google scholarship: google is offering scholarships to over 100,000 internationally qualified students. Apply for the Google scholarship now
  5. Harvard University scholarship: this scholarship is for students who have an interest in business programs. See details and apply
  6. Yale University scholarship: This scholarship is available for students who are running master’s, degree, and ph.d programs. Apply now

Other Ongoing Scholarships for International Students

  1. Brave of Heart Scholarship for Dependents of frontline health care workers
  2. UAE University Scholarship for International Students
  3. Travel to Canada for Free with the CUSEF Student Scholarship 2024
  4. Top ten fully funded scholarships in UK for international students



There are lists of fully funded scholarships in the USA for international students to apply for. These scholarships come with different benefits and interesting offers from some popular organizations and universities in the USA. You can apply for these scholarships online.


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