iReady Diagnostic Scores 2021 | 2022

This article is a complete guide on iReady Diagnostic Scores. We shall be teaching you what iReady is all about. Its importance, how it works and finally we shall guide you through the i-Ready Diagnostic Scale Scores by Grade.


WHAT IS i-READY? Purpose | Benefits

The i-Ready Diagnostic is an educational/reading platform that offers a unique learning experience to students. It achieves this by accessing students’ academic weakness and strength and thereafter recommend personalized learning and progress monitoring for the student throughout the year.

i-Ready accesses students based on their previous answers. This means that a poor answer will result in a simpler question and a correct answer will result in a harder question.

The aim is to test the overall academic ability of the student and help your student’s teacher(s) determine your child’s academic needs and how best to help.

Furthermore, i-Ready is made of two distinct and important parts and they are:

  1. The i-Ready Diagnostic: The i-Ready Diagnostic is the segment responsible for the adaptive assessment of students to determine how best to support your student’s learning and increase the efficiency of teaching.
  2. The i-Ready Personalized Instruction: i-Ready Personalized Instruction is the segment responsible for providing students with lessons based on the data collected from the i-Ready Diagnostic adaptive assessment. The lessons contained in the Personalized Instruction are interactive and engaging. This helps to keep students engaged as they learn.


iReady diagnostic scores 2022

  1. The i-Ready Online assessment is adaptive in nature.
    • It is adaptive because students see questions based on how they are performing. Thus, if a student struggles, the question gets easier. If the student is breezing through, the questions become more challenging.
    • Once a student completes the Diagnostic, the teacher will know exactly what the student need. This helps to eliminate the necessity to over-test our students. Hence Allowing more time for teaching.
  2. The i-Ready Online Instructions are personalized to the individual.
    • Once a student completes his diagnostic, his or her result will be different from other students. So student receives their part way based on their diagnostic result.
    • If the student needs help with reading comprehension, that student will get lessons to help. If a student has geometric skills above grade level, they will receive geometric contents above grade level.
    • It essentially supports those who have gaps to fill and enrichment for those exceeding grade-level expectations.
  3. i-Ready is not a grading tool.
    • Your child would get A, B, and C based on how they performed on i-Ready.
    • i-Ready supports students, challenges students, and provides the right reading content at their level.
    • It helps students to grow but are not used to assigned grades.
  4. i-Ready is NOT designed to replace the Classroom Teacher.
    • In the school district, teachers are irreplaceable assets.
    • i-Ready supports teachers by helping group students with similar needs for targeted instructions.
    • i-Ready provides a teacher toolbox as one of many resources teachers may use to provide targeted instructions.

iREADY DIAGNOSTIC SCORES | What you need to know

When a student is accessed on the i-Ready Diagnostic section, the scale score provides teachers and parents with the K-12 skills students have mastered despite their grades in the assessment.

The iReady Diagnostic scores are measured on a scale of 100 to 800. The scale will offer insights into the skills mastered by students and the skills they need to master.

Furthermore, the importance of the iReady diagnostic scores is that it helps teachers determine students’ placement level. We must also emphasize that the scale score alone does not provide a full story of students’ skill mastery.

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i-Ready Diagnostic Scores by Grade

Finally, according to iReady, the default passing threshold is 67 percent. Alternatively, 2 out of every three questions that is correct. However, district schools have the flexibility to adjust the passing threshold. Therefore it is recommended that you contact your student’s teacher to learn about the passing rate in your child’s school.

For instance, take a careful look at the i-Ready® Diagnostic Threshold Levels for K1 -3 grade as provided, below.

iReady diagnostic scores 2022
Disclaimer: Threshold levels are determined by the assessment provider. For more information about the assessment and/or threshold levels, please contact the assessment provider directly


Conclusively, kindly click here if you want to better understand your Student’s i-Ready Diagnostic Results.

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