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SEO and digital marketing have become a resounding phenomenon in the last decades till now. SEO and digital marketing are breeding numerous experts and specialists to handle the complex nature of SEO and Digital marketing. One of these specialists is James Dooley SEO entrepreneur. He has been referred to as James Dooley SEO specialist, SEO Guru, and SEO Expert.


In this article, we shall discuss briefly who James Dooley is and his journey in SEO and digital marketing. Thereafter we shall conclude by letting you know whether James Dooley is truly a specialist in SEO and digital marketing.

Who is James Dooley

James Dooley is a UK-based online entrepreneur. He lives in Manchester, England, United Kingdom, and has pioneered a lot of companies that help businesses to achieve growth and land more sales.

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James Dooley is the sole Founder and the Owner of PromoSEO. PromoSEO is a full-scale digital media and marketing agency. The company offers SEO services and digital marketing services to businesses and brands.

Also, one of the most interesting services of PromoSEO is its rank and sale website services. What they do under the umbrella of rank and sell is that they build custom websites, promote and rank the websites on Google then sell.

Here are some other companies run by James Dooley Boomtown Gaming Group, Dooley Investments Ltd, and Dooley Thoroughbreds. Finally, the core specialization of James Dooley’s business are:

  • Internet Marketing Expert
  • Lead Generation Specialist.
  • Growth Hack Strategist

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Is James Dooley truly a specialist in SEO and Digital marketing?

For over 15 years, James Dooley has been involved in the growth of many companies, startups, and businesses through his mastery of SEO and Google Algorithm. In 2008, Dooley founded a full-scale SEO and Digital marketing company to help businesses discoverable online.

He earned his reputation as an SEO specialist when his clients recorded tremendous success. A lot of the startups, companies and brands gained more traffic and generated more leads than they had previously.  They made more sales and ran out to testify about the expertise of James Dooley.

For instance, on James Dooley’s LinkedIn profile, he has over 1000 endorsements testifying to their success story. So in answering the question of whether James Dooley Seo Entrepreneur is a specialist, we’ll say YES.  Has a track record of expertise and proven digital marketer. At some points, he was rumored as the highest-paid SEO Entrepreneur.


Our motive in this article is to introduce you to James Dooley the SEO Entrepreneur. Also, we aimed at letting you know how he gained his reputation as an SEO specialist.

We hope that you have been able to know who James Dooley is? We also hope that you have come to terms that James Dooley is truly an expert in his chosen field.

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