Browser for google tv – Supported browsers for Chromecast with Google TV

Officially, the Google TV is designed to efficiently run on the Google Chrome web browser. However, most people have their preferred browsers and they aren’t Google Chrome. This is why some persons have been surfing the internet in search of other supported browsers for Google Tv.


In this article, we will guide you into what Google TV is and how it works. We will also show you a list of supported and considered best browsers for Google TV. So do you want to learn more about the browser for Google TV?

If the answer is a big yes, then let us begin.

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Introduction on

Google Tv is a product of a collaborative effort from Google, Sony Corporation, Intel, and Logitech. It is designed to run on the Android Os family. Although some people thought that Google TV has come to replace Android TV. However, a look at the detailed article by will convince you as to the purpose and workings of Google TV.

What is Google TV 📺

Google TV is an innovative Smart TV interface with a Chromecast feature. This makes it possible for users to share their content among their connected devices. For instance, you could easily share your videos from your phones and computers to your smart TV.

The best part is that Google TV is powerfully integrated with Google Assistant. This means that Google TV is optimized for voice searches. You can get Get Google TV on your favorite screen including Chromecast, Smart TV, and Apps.

You can also browse content from across your apps, intelligently organized just for you. These include Netflix, Disney+ HBOmax, YouTube, Peacook, Sling, Prime Videos, and Apple Tv.

To learn more about all the available Apps supported by Google Tv, kindly click here.

Browser for Google TV – Supported Browsers for Google TV

Google TV runs on browsers and is built on the Android Operating System family. Also, as we earlier identified, the official browser for Google TV is Chrome. However, there are some other supported browsers. Below is the list of the other 4 best browsers for Chromecast with Google TV:

A. Puffin Browser

Puffin Browser for google tv

Puffin browser is considered one of the best browsers for Google TV. This is mostly because it works effortlessly with the Android TV remote. It is a great choice.

B. Kiwi browser

Does kiwi support Browser for google tv ?

Kiwi is a utility browser. It is built to render search results without any lag. It is lightweight and comes with great speed as well as a built-in pop-up blocker.

Kiwi browser is a new kind of browser. We sincerely believe that Kiwi is worth the try on Google TV.

C. TV Bro

TV BRO the best Android TV browser

Unlike other browsers, TV BRO is an open-source project specially built and designed for Android TV. It functions beautifully with the Android remote just like Puffin.

D. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox Chromecast enabled browser

Although Mozilla Firefox has no special or dedicated interface for the Android TV Application, it comes with lots of pre-built features. This feature makes using Google TV on Firefox an excellent combination.

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Conclusion on Supported Browser for Google tv

Although, Chrome is the official browser for Google TV, however, you can cast your PC screen with other browsers in the market. The only issues are that you may be face some lags. Also, concerning our recommendation for the best browser for Google TV, we will recommend the Puffin.

Furthermore, is just the best browsers so long as seamless integration of Android TV or Google TV is concerned.

Lastly, thank you for reading this article today. We sincerely hope that this article has been helpful.

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